Work from Hub City Turners.

Four members of Hub City Turners stopped by today with recently finished pieces. It is always such a privilege to be among the first to see work from these fine makers.

Paul Schroeder brought an urn he made for his daughter’s pet that had died. The wood is Birch that has undergone a great deal of spalting (a mould that begins the rotting process in wood) Paul used the beauty of the spalting to give the urn a unique look.

Paul’s second piece is two tree ornaments made from a Banksia pod.

Duncan Birch made a vase with contrasting woods to give a very unique look.

Gary vonKuster had a great deal of fun creating Licorice Allsorts made from wood and then texturing and painting them. They are so realistic looking that at least three people have popped one in their mouth and exclaimed how hard and stale they are. The candies are displayed in two different containers.

Mel Genge made an entry for a show at Market Mall in the new year. The show is near an indoor mini golf at the mall and has a “Green” theme. Can you figure out how hard he must have hit the golf ball to force its way into that cage?

Mel’s second piece was made as a tribute to organizers of a recent family reunion. Three left over lapel buttons were embedded into resin in the rim of the bowl.

The last piece is one of mine. I made two hollow turned globes and mounted them in a base with an LED light capable of different colour renditions. The short video at the end shows how the LED can cycle through different colours.

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  1. Joanne M Sauvageau December 6, 2019 at 9:10 am #

    Very nice!

  2. Nola Leighton December 5, 2019 at 10:24 pm #

    Oh man Trent. All these pieces are beyond gorgeous. Love seeing the work you and others do. I cannot even imagine creating such beauty. Your globes are really unbelievable. Handclaps for everyone! ❤️

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