Winter Weekend at Elk Ridge.

What a glorious weekend with friends in the Boreal Forest.  Sparkling new snow dressed the trees with a delicate white gown. The wind graciously vacated our party for a major part of the weekend, allowing the trees time to display their new outfits.   A sky laden with a thick blanket of heavy clouds provided a monochromatic surreal black and white quality to the landscape. Cold crisp air filled our lungs and the wax on our cross-country skis bit into the snow with each stride on the perfectly groomed trails. When not outside in the invigorating winter wonderland our time was occupied with stimulating conversation, catching up on life’s ebb and flow, deepening long standing friendships, Red Seal Chef calibre food preparation, sampling various wines and listening for the next outbreak of hilarious laughter.

I was fortunate to photograph a number of resident winter birds that were frequenting a local feeder. I was particularly delighted to spend time watching Boreal Chickadees (Brown head) as I had never had a chance to be that close to them before. You will also see a Redpoll, Black-capped Chickadee, Male Pine Grosbeak (pink), and a Female Pine Grosbeak (Gold and Grey).

Click on one of the images to view a slide show from the weekend.



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