Winter Cycling Congress Begins.

Our day started with the greatest breakfast (included with our hotel). Lots of choices in food, all delicious and of high quality.

Next up was negotiating the subway and finding the Congress Center for the real reason we are in Moscow, to attend the 6th. annual Winter Cycling Congress. Yes it is possible to attract hundreds of people to gather and talk about such exciting things as types of salt to clear bike lanes, mode share in the winter, dressing for winter cycling, health benefits, environmental benefits and the list goes on. Just to show off, Moscow put on a pretty impressive Pre-Congress snow fall with 22 cm. of snow. This certainly challenged the idea of cycling in the winter.


Cathy talking to a friend from Winnipeg.

Delegates from 40 some countries gather to renew friendships, make new ones and attend sessions.

This is Mayor Ayrat Khayrullin from Almetyevsk, a small Russian city (under 200,000) which made a decision to install bike lanes to make it safe for people from 4 years up to be able to ride a bicycle safely. He was the darling of the cycling community to show how this seemingly impossible feat of installing over 100 km. of separated bike lanes in a one year period could be accomplished.

It will come as no surprise to those that know me, that I love to go out looking for birds to photograph. I was pretty sure the conference would carry on without me so I headed out to see what I could shoot.  The sky was dull and the birds were few and far between.  Of course the ubiquitous Rock Pigeons never disappoint when you are in any city in the world.  You really have to hand it to them as survivors.  

I only saw four other species and was only able to get shots of a Hooded Crow and Mallard Ducks. I saw what I think was some kind of Shell Duck but it was gone before I could get a shot.

The Hooded Crows seem to fulfill the same roll as American Crows. They seem very savvy and aware when they might be in danger as they scavenge from the human detritus that collects on streets and back alleys.


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  1. Hugh Townsend February 9, 2018 at 9:11 am #

    What an amazing trip. Don’t know how you find time to write your blog in midst of all this wonder and excitement. Keep it coming if you can.
    All the best
    Bev and Hugh

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