Winnipeg, a winter city.

Yesterday we planned an excursion to our favorite museum in the world.  The Museum for Human Rights is a most marvelous structure filled with important, yet often disturbing information on human rights around the world. On our way we had the experience of walking on the Red River for 5 km. The City of Winnipeg develops and maintains a skating and walking trail on the frozen Red River.

Skating, walking trail developed, and MAINTAINED on the Red River.

This is a wonderful way to embrace and enjoy the wonders of winter. It was such an amazing experience to walk around bridge pillars only accessible because of the ice.

Skating under the bridge.

Art on the ice.

“Warm-up Huts” are part of an international art show set up on the frozen river. This whole endeavor¬† impressed me as such a sensible way to take back winter and celebrate the joys it has to share.

Warm-up hut.

Warm-up hut.

Ice maze.

These chairs outfitted with skis made excellent supports for those just learning to skate.

Very clever skating chairs.

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