Walk around Stanley Park.

A four hour walk around Stanley Park along the famous sea wall was a highlight for me today. I noticed a couple with binoculars looking at birds and as I expected they were birders. They had just arrived from England and were ‘walking off’ some jet lag along the sea wall. We noticed a gull that was trying to swallow a starfish and being hassled by other gulls. The swallowing task looked formidable even for a gull with a big gullet. The English visitors enjoyed the show.

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A spectacular day with generous amounts of sun and a gentle breeze really showed Stanley Park at its most impressive. Here are some more bird pictures that presented along my walk.

Northern Flicker looking for food around the base of a cedar tree.

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A Great Blue Heron fishing.


Double Crested Cormorant fishing.


Cormorant drying out after a swim.


Osprey looking for a fish.


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