Vancouver photo essay.

Orange sun seeping over the mountains and edging through cracks in the wall of skyscrapers ringing my hotel says “time to get up and explore Vancouver in the morning.” My wanderings are recorded in a photo essay about life in Vancouver through the eyes of a prairie boy.


My first subjects included a multi species cleanup crew at work removing detritus and cleaning up the city.

p9130902 p9130908 p9130915 p9130918 p9130920 p9130926


A series of stacked stones just off the sea wall caught my eye. I imagined groups of people or a single committed individual having a great time balancing all these rocks.

p9130950 p9130951 p9130953 p9130954-edit p9130998

Granville Island is meant for people, pigeons and gulls. Putting my camera at ground level provided an alternative view of the bustling area.

Ferry ride to Granville

Ferry ride to Granville

Ferry ride to Granville

Ferry ride to Granville

p9130987 p9130986 p9130984 p9130981 p9130980 p9130975 p9130967 p9130966 p9130962

A few more shots rounded out my day of wandering Vancouver.

p9130895 p9130905 p9130910 p9130956 p9130995 p9131003 p9131009 p9131018



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  1. enman December 11, 2016 at 2:44 pm #

    I really enjoyed this series. I hope to be back there next spring when the roads clear. Maybe I’ll see you wandering with your camera.

  2. Sally October 19, 2016 at 8:27 am #

    Trent, you have given me a whole new dimension of Vancouver!
    I loved your walk around Granville Island…and the various species of “clean up” crews.
    Wonderful shots, thank you! xoxo Sally

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