Trust your weather app?

Strong winds, constant cloud and rain mixed with thundershowers were unwelcome icons on the weather app predicting our happiness today. I did manage to find a different app that gave a better prediction so we chose that forecast. We did don our rain gear a couple of times but barely got wet, until quite conveniently, the last 3 km. Talk about horse shoes and 4 leaf clovers!
The hotel breakfasts continue to impress with delicious and nutritious choices so after filling up we went to check if Therin’s bike had arrived. Our Eurobike guy was on the money with the bike and handlebar bag so we were happy campers. An added benefit was a chance for Cathy to chat about cycling in Germany with Raymond.

The Rastatt market was in full swing on Saturday morning as we wheeled out for the day. Markets full of produce exude colors, smells and a visual feast no matter where you encounter them. Checking out what local farmers are delivering yields high visual impact.

Flowers, both cultivated and native were busy all day exploding in random acts of beauty.

The two blossom pictures are courtesy of Cathy.

Travel conditions today varied from superb, smooth and paved with beautiful trees, meadows, water and farms to rough muddy areas under construction.

With more time today (55km not 65 and no major way-finding issues) we managed two kaffe and Apfelstrudel breaks. There was a general feeling expressed most clearly by Therin that her capacity for pastry was not fulfilled yesterday.

My friends Mel and Sharon will appreciate the bird I saw today as some years ago my foggy brain referred to a Pheasant as a Peacock. Well guess which this is.

This magical old VW showed up as we were on our way to eat in Germersheim where we are staying tonight.

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  1. joanne Sauvageau May 12, 2019 at 7:25 am #

    What a wonderful series of photos! Safe travels!

  2. Earl May 12, 2019 at 5:59 am #

    What a difference a few degrees make: in both latitude and temperature. Those few degrees bring forth flowers, vegetables and leaves so much earlier than at 53 degrees North.

    Great pics and commentary. They make it exciting to follow your ride from afar.

  3. Anonymous May 11, 2019 at 5:01 pm #

    What a wonderful tou!
    . Thank you for enabling us to join you.

    PS Love that peacock!

    Mel & Sharon

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