The Birds and the Bees.

A lovely warm day greeted me as I headed out for a stroll along the Meewasin. The birds are in full nesting, breeding or rearing mode depending on the species.  The bees and other insects are working away at completing the cycles of nature. It does wonders for my soul to spend this precious time among these marvels of nature. Not quite the same to see these pictures but do your best to smell the Caragana and hear the noises of the birds.

Turkey Vulture… Look at that wing span. Perfectly adapted for hours of gliding. Note the wing tag on the second photo. Stuart Houston, a local birding celebrity, has been working with a group to tag as many young Turkey Vultures as they can each year.  This will be a returning adult from a previous year I suspect.

This pair of American Wigeon ducks were quietly dabbling away in a slough that is located only a hundred meters or so from the Meewasin Trail. I also noted that the beavers have been working on the trees around the pond and making channels for water flow.

These Canada Geese appeared in formation as they headed to the weir and landed. I had a word with the bottom goose to work on timing for future formation flying shots.

Caragana trees along the trail where adorned in a glorious array of nectar filled bright yellow flowers. Numerous species of bees were working hard to make sure they were all pollinated.


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