Starting a New Chapter.

Today was mostly a traveling day and a day for changing gears. We are finished our bike ride and heading to London where we meet up with Cathy’s brothers, John and Peter. Six hours and two trains later we arrive in London to plunge into the life of a large city. Mastering the Subway or ‘Tube’ is our first task. With lots of help from officials paid to help and regular folk on the street we make our way to King’s Cross Metro. On the way we stop at an ornate hotel for a bathroom break and come across a wedding party. It occurs to me that this could be the end result of the aforementioned ‘Hen Party” we came across yesterday. This one looked like it set the parents back a few pounds.

Exploring London will be headquartered from an Air B&B that Cathy found to house the 4 of us. We arrived early to 143 Greyhound Road and found a local shop suitable for supplying breakfast provisions.

John and Pete miraculously appear within a few minutes of each other and we are off on the beginning of our hilarious time together. Our B&B host shows up and gives us the keys to our home for the next four days.

Let the merriment begin.

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