Spring migration underway.

With camera in hand (well actually on the car seat) I headed out past Biggar, Sask. to attend a wood turning weekend at Deb and Ian McLeod’s farm.  This is an annual event in which I become completely immersed with friends, conversation, eating, wood turning and bird watching.  The weather had just warmed up recently to allow Prairie Crocuses to present themselves as a carpet of smiling faces on the hill behind Deb’s house.

Every year I am treated to some migrating bird species that stop around this part of the province or stop for food and rest on their way up North to nest. I was particularly excited to photograph a Lincoln’s Sparrow that I had not seen before.  The Dowichers were only present one day as they head up to Northern climes for breeding grounds. The others are lovely repeat sightings that let me know all is right with the world. You can see a gallery of all the birds HERE.

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  1. Shelly M Benoit May 7, 2018 at 11:04 pm #

    Trent – as always these are a treat for the eyes! I love the yellow breasted birdie on the turquoise wall – such lovely color combos – guess the birdie knew just where to sit for maximum effect!
    And smiling crocuses always make one smile.

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