Sharing a crisp cold morning.

Minus 28 with a windchill kept competition on the Meewasin trail to a minimum today. My new discovery is to wear a ski mask when out for a walk when the air is cold. It keeps my face and eyes warm. My hands need to be free when I have my camera so a pair of battery powered gloves enables me to work the dials and buttons. It was such an exquisite morning with the sun breaking through the fog and cloud to perform it’s alchemy of turning everything around me into pure gold. Here are some of the images that captured my attention.

Ice cluster on a broken grass stem.


Ice cluster on a winter weed.

Ice forming as river sloshes up and down in the minus 29 degree weather.

This video shows the river moving up and down to form intriguing ice formations.


Common Goldeneye duck flying into the fog. You can see the railway bridge pillar in the background.


The ever present Black-billed Magpies looking for food.

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  1. jan January 8, 2017 at 5:11 pm #

    snowflakes/ice crystals are truly one of natures beauties. Thanks Trent I love getting your posts.

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