Saturna Island

Our B&B in Sydney delighted me with a glittering of hummingbirds flitting in and out of a fruit tree in the yard. I was able to get very close and capture great feather detail and color.



We left the B&B early to peddle to Swartz Bay and catch the 9:00 ferry to  Saturna Island. Our first stop was a funky double decker bus set up as a coffee and lunch spot.


After we settled into the Saturna Lodge we headed out on our bikes to explore the Island. We chose a road that was vying for mention in a roller coaster contest. Long steep ‘ups’ were rewarded with spine tingling descents at 50+ km/hr. (That’s fast for the certified ‘Turtle Tour” crowd). Our trip was rewarded with breathtaking views from ‘East Point’


To my delight I was able to capture a family of otters as they ate and played near the beach.  I initially thought they were Sea Otters but after a chat with Dr. Google it appears they are River Otters that have adapted to life in the sea.



Here is a link to a video of them on the beach. Click HERE.


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