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Recent outings here in the city and on some country roads and right in my back yard has given me some fodder for photos.

This batch was taken early in the morning on the irrigation canals that we are exploring by bicycle. I had seen interesting birds on the bike trip so returned the next morning with my camera.

This Willet was quite vocal and let me get quite close.

Willet on one leg.

The canal runs along extensive pasture land so cattle and fences were prominent.

This female Red-winged Blackbird was surrounded by mosquitoes, backlit by the sun.

This was the main reason why I returned as I had not photographed a Marbled Godwin before. There were two birds quite intent on dive bombing me to presumably scare me off young ones or a nest. I moved along after a few minutes to avoid a major upset for them.

It is hard to have too many pictures of Western Meadowlarks. Maybe my favourite bird song as it evokes so many childhood memories.

This Red-spotted Admiral butterfly was in the park behind my house.

In my back yard for the next series.
A spider that was spinning a web.

This mosquito was sitting under the leaves where the spider was hard at work. We are not sure who or what donated the belly full of blood.

Now this was a strange one. I noticed many flies on this red protuberance in my garden. While on my belly to get close with the camera I noticed a decidedly stinky smell coming from somewhere. The Blue and Green Bottleflies were having a delightful time on this red orb. A google search convinced me that this is a Stinkhorn fungus, noted for attracting flies!

Come with me on my early morning nature walk this morning.

This mother Mallard had two babies and is located just two blocks from my house in the pond by the Old Schoolhouse on the U of S campus.

Still on campus this Brown Thrasher was giving quite a talking to this Richardson’s Ground Squirrel. It eventually gave up and went down a hole.

This Clay-coloured Sparrow was singing away on the Meewasin trail.
All in all a great morning walk.

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  1. Nola Leighton June 26, 2020 at 10:20 am #

    What a lovely trip our eyes had with you, Trent! Your shots and commentary fit so beautifully together. So easy to see how you love your subjects! We all get a feast for our eyes with the results. Thanks so much.

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