Quilt Fest 2018.

Each year we celebrate our amazing family by gathering in Saskatoon for a weekend of visiting, eating, playing, talking, laughing and creating. The origin of the event dates back nearly 20 years when two nieces, Kaeli and Bethany were young teenagers and wanted to learn how to quilt from Auntie Cathy. The event has grown to include both Cathy and my siblings their offspring, spouses and children. We are now enjoying three generations of participants. This year young June (mostly called June Bug) was the queen of the party with her endearing frizzy curls and continuous investigation of everything that either moves or sits still.

Cathy and I were delighted with a surprise celebration of our 70th year with a cake and picture gallery from our youth.

Every four years FIFA feels it is necessary to interrupt our Quiltfest with a series of soccer games that enthrall many members of the family. This year we had top notch technology available to entertain the soccer enthusiasts.

A big thank you to everyone for making Quiltfest 2018 a resounding success. 

Cathy used her considerable persuasive powers to gather everyone into a parade down the street to our local park for a celebration of Canada Day. Most of us will reluctantly agree that it was a lot of fun and worth doing.

Various family members have contributed to this gallery of pictures that gives a sense of the spirit of the weekend.
You can scroll down for the pictures or click on one and see them in a slideshow format.

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