Peregrines rule the skies

Another successful hatch for the Peregrines on the top of the Renaissance Tower in Saskatoon. The trek to the top of this tower never gets stale. My friend Paddy Thompson is a falconer who has access to the roof top for viewing and managing the nesting of the Peregrines. He is generous in his invitation to have me come along and get photos to confirm numbers and identification.

The elevator ride to the 24th floor is like any other elevator ride. Then you step out, turn left and go through an ordinary door whereupon you enter the magical world of darkened concrete passageways leading to a narrow stairway and up to a landing. A portal of solid steel built for people 4 feet tall swings open and dumps you onto a gravel surface in the open air. It feels like I am in another world and long to sprout wings and fly off with the Peregrines. Within seconds of stepping on the roof the female Peregrine begins her screaming, diving and protective manoeuvres. The male is much less aggressive and flies high and fast in circles and figure 8’s. Metal clad louvred walls surrounding the perimeter provide a climbing structure allowing me to move high enough to see the babies. They are definitely aware something is different and stare up at me. Leaning out further to attempt a view under the flashing seems like a fools game so I settle for the three obvious beaks.

The female on a fly-by comes close enough that my image can identify the leg band as M59.

This is a heavily cropped image of the male and doesn’t allow me to see if there is a leg band.

These birds and what they represent refresh my soul and give me hope for the world. If the fastest animal on earth can manage a living in the middle of a small city maybe there is hope for others. Fly on oh mighty Peregrine.

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  1. Anne July 2, 2023 at 1:39 pm #

    Love the description of your trek to the top. This is fabulous ! Thanks for sharing Trent.

  2. Margaret Lowry June 30, 2023 at 7:24 pm #

    Things are going on in our city we have no clue about.
    Once again, thank you Trent.

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