On to Heidleburg.

Germersheim is the small German town where we laid our heads last night. Our first stop was an old part of the fortified city across the street from our hotel.

We have honed our ‘wayfinding’ skills to the point where we rarely miss the red ‘Eurobike Tident’ signs stuck to metal posts indicating our way. The first person to spot the next sign gives a three fingered salute to the following bikers.

Agriculture loomed large in the area we traversed today. I’m always fascinated by the cultivating techniques and crop varieties that develop in different countries. Barley fields, Canola and others I could not identify were abundant in this area. The fields were small by N.A. standards and exhibited a large variation in stages of growth. Perhaps the most interesting crop was carrots planted in specialized mounts made with German precision.

The Rhine continues to enhance our biking experience by providing a visual feast of various commercial vessels. The infrastructure supporting transportation on the river and over the river seems extremely solid and precise. Maybe I am looking for that as an expectation of German engineering but it does not disappoint. One crossing of the river led us to a nuclear power plant. Cathy stopped a group of women walking on the trail and as near as our charade game could determine one of the towers has been decommissioned and the second one will be shut down next year.

One of our more delightful encounters of the day centered around some very hairy kissing bovines. Sarah was able to interact ‘up close and personal’ with one of them.

We found a lovely covered bridge over a beautiful river and stopped for lunch and some photo time for Trent.

The equine species was also a feature of the day. A family with a couple of riders and a wagon were sharing the trail with walkers and bikers. Later on we encountered an equestrian meet of some nature.

On our final push we came upon a verge of roses that filled the air with perfume. If technology was far enough advance you would be able to click HERE and Rose Perfume would fill your space.

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  1. Anonymous May 12, 2019 at 5:38 pm #

    Your day looks as beautiful as our day here although it so much lush and greener in Germany.The greening up here is very slow and would really accelerate if Mother Nature would only be inclined to send us some rain. Thank you for the lovely journey today.

    Mel and Sharon

    PS We were quite entertained today watching the robins bathe in our “bird bath”. It doesn’ t take much to entertain us.

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