More wildlife to see.

It was a great day for wildlife today. On my way through campus I saw this coyote just sitting on a pile of wood chips right by the campus observatory building. It slowly got up, had a stretch, and sat down to look at me. It was quite unperturbed by my presence.  It kind of looked like a university student after a night of partying.

On our walk by the river in Outlook Sk. we saw this immature Red-tailed Hawk eating at a recent kill.  It looks like an immature Sandhill Crane was on the menu. It was quite interesting to see the Black-billed Magpies trying to steal some morsels from the hawk. Thanks to my friend Lynn Oliphant for help with identification of the hawk and it’s meal.


You can watch a video of the hawk eating and the magpies stealing by clicking HERE.

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