More Saskatoon Art.

What a great day yesterday. I had the privilege of seeing some more work from Saskatoon artists. Here is a selection of the work.

Gary Von Kuster makes intricate feathers, carved from wood, textured and painted. These are displayed in a bowl he turned.

Sarah Wagner is a talented artist capable of working in many different media. She blows me away with her ability to tackle and master anything she tries. Here is an example of her talents.

Earl Eidem is a woodturning friend. He has recently done some work with iridescent paint on his bowl rims, burning and turning acrylic with various materials incorporated.

Laura Kinzel is the latest artist I have had the good luck to work with. She is a talented artist in many different media. Her sense of humor and her heartfelt emotions are evident in her work.

There are two views of this piece titled:
Rudy Rolls on Dead Things While Zelda Plays

Laura calls this piece:
Superpower Big Girl Panties
Although not evident in the picture it is approximately 5 feet tall .

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  1. Nola leighton April 22, 2019 at 7:10 pm #

    So happy to be able to see these wonderful pieces. So much talented and such fertile imaginations! Some really make me laugh and all of them make me feel awe at their abilities. Glad we are able to see your site again. Thanks for such a lovely weekend. So nice to see everyone.
    Keep sending!

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