Meandering the Meewasin.

What a spectacular day for a walk. The air was warm and the earth was alive with birds and animals preparing for winter. Migrating sparrows, cute little chipmunks and coyotes posed for some portraits. I was trying to get close to some sparrows that I had not seen before and in the process flushed out two urban coyotes from willow bushes around a slough on the University research field. One took off on a determined trot while the other was quite content to pose for some photographs.  The sparrows turned out to be American Tree Sparrows, a species that I have never identified before so I was happy to get some good images.

pa201185 pa211228 pa211229 pa211233 pa211244 pa211257

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  1. jan October 30, 2016 at 7:06 am #

    Trent this is a great blog! Thank you for putting Miranda & my paintings up on it but more importantly I had a chance to go through all the postings. The pictures of the birds are stunning and I had no idea that falconry was alive and well in SK. If you have a list of fans who get a ping letting them know that you have a new posting please add me to it. Cheers

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