Last Day of Congress

Today was Cathy’s turn to present at the Winter Cycling Congress.  The format for this session was “Speed Dating” where 8 individuals set up at tables and participants gathered at their preferred table to hear a 5 min. presentation and then had 5 min. for questions.  When the moderator sounded a bell everyone moved to another table and the talk was repeated.

Setting up for the session.

Here is Cathy ready to give her talk on the benefits of partnership for non-profits with an example from her efforts in “Bike the Moveable Feast” where she takes cyclists on a ride with surprise stops at various places to eat and drink. This year she partnered with Wild About Saskatoon and the Nature City Festival who asked her to do a moveable feast with them.

One of the sessions with some Russians who are interested in doing something similar.

The wrap up for the Congress included the regular speeches, awards and announcements. The host for the 2019 Congress will be Calgary so that will be much closer for us. Although I can just imagine that the wheels in someone’s head will be churning out a plan of how to cycle to Calgary in Feb. 2019. I mean, after all, Felipe our Friend from Saskatoon took his bike and his bass guitar to St. Petersburg and cycled to Moscow for this years conference. He is such an inspiration for following your dream and doing the seemingly impossible.  He said that every night on the road he met someone who took him home, gave him a bed and food. The conference was delighted to have him close out the Congress. He enthralled everyone with his fantastic musical talents, videos of his adventures and his inspirational stories. You can learn more about this amazing human being by clicking: Bike and Bass Tour.

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  1. Jan C February 11, 2018 at 10:37 am #

    Hi Trent,

    What fun you and Cathy get up to in your adventures! And the Bike & Bass Guy! I remember him being in SK.
    I’m curious as to how you handle the language barriers when at an International conference such as this one or does everyone speak English? Xo

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