Grandpa’s Shakespearian lock-down.

Recently my granddaughter, Olive, informed me that she was going to be in a school play called Romeo and Juliet. As our discussion progressed she wondered if I would be able to make a knife and a potion bottle for a poison so Romeo and Juliet could do their end of life thing. I agreed and the next day rather hurriedly made a plywood knife, coated the ‘blade’ with silver foil and painted the handle.  The next day Olive and her family were here for supper so I presented her with the knife and the potion bottle.  Brad, who teaches school, took one look at the knife and said if Olive takes that to school there will be a lock-down and the police will be called.  Olive was quite upset and I was completely surprised by this reality.  The decision was made for Olive to take the knife to school in a sealed brown paper bag and have her teacher make the decision on whether the knife was suitable or not. As Olive tells the story the teacher took one look and said: “Welllllllllll…we might have a problem here. So the original plan to use taped up scissors remained and now all we have is a great story of potential school lock-down from Grandpa being out of touch with today’s reality.  All in all it turned out to be a hilarious story with nobody being injured and no students being expelled!!

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