Gem Lakes Camping.

Cathy and I finished quiltfest and headed out on a one night camping trip. The Gem Lakes in Narrow Hills Provincial Park have intrigued us since we read an article in Prairies North Magazine. We loaded up our old, leaking but very beautiful red canoe, tent and all the fixings and drove north east of Prince Albert to the Narrow Hills Provincial Park.

Wood Canvas Canoe

The area is marked by ridges from the last ice age and dotted with kettle lakes brimming with clear water, lots of fish (according to the loons), fascinating insects, flowers, hiking trails and great carry-in campsites.

Gem Lakes

Our hearts were warmed as we witnessed a couple with a two year old setting up camp about 1 km. from the road. It seemed like all was right with the world and at least this child was not going to be a victim of the Nature Deficit Disorder. The Western Red Lily is Saskatchewan’s provincial flower and was out in abundance as we hiked the ridge trails.

Western Red Lily

We loaded our canoe and paddled a short distance to the end of Jade Lake and set up our campsite. After a completely restful, insect free, no mosquito swatting or squishing sleep we awoke to a perfect morning with loons calling (that part is true).

See the YouTube video of the Loon HERE.


 A most curious event occurred during the night that rendered Cathy’s shoe laces in tatters. We suspect a rodent was intrigued by the salt and proceeded to chew the laces into pieces. We recovered some of the pieces but the others had disappeared.


Here is a gallery of some more pictures.

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    Great photo Trent looks like a great trip. Mel

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