Galiano Island

We arrived on Galiano last night and stayed in the cutest cottage.  The woodworking is done to a high standard and the whole place is set in a lovely tree lined area. Our cottage is just below the main house and has a fully equipped kitchen, a wood burning stove and a bed up in a loft. Very classy.


Colleen and Roger who own the property also have chickens with a very fancy chicken coop. The surrounding fence wire goes underground to prevent mink and raccoons from enjoying an organic chicken meal and overhead to stop flying predators.  Just as I was out with my camera this morning one of the roosters was responding to the beautiful sun rise.

CLICK HERE for a rooster’s wake-up call.

Quite a number of birds have posed for my camera in the last few days.  If you want to have a look at them scroll down or click on an image below for a gallery view.

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