Flowers, bugs and birds.

A light breeze, (instead of gale force winds), some soft light, recent rain washed flowers and a wandering camera revealed some new insects and some old bird friends.

I was surprised to learn that some flies have a set of wings to wear on Pride Day.

I submitted this picture to iNaturalist and it was identified as a Crane fly.

Up close to a dandelion.

iNaturalist tells me this is a Bee fly.

No ID on this big-eyed beauty.

So many insects to learn about.

New spruce needles just about to open.

I suspect every prairie kid has the delicate fragrance of a Wild Rose bush buried in their smell memory.

This fly was busy mopping up the surface of a leaf.

The colour combination on this Damselfly made me want to paint something with unabashed plagiarism.

I think a fly trying to imitate a bee.

My neighbour down the street has some colourful Irises in the boulevard garden.

This Yellow Warbler sat quite nicely and sang me a little song.

This Eastern Kingbird was happily sitting on a branch over the river and every few minutes would swoop up, grab an insect out of the air and come back to its perch.

Have you every been as hungry as a Robin?

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  1. Nola Leighton June 20, 2020 at 8:21 am #

    Trent- Shelly has said it all- these images are truly breathtaking! Just love receiving them. We won’t look at insects in the same way ever again—well, maybe we won’t ever feel kindly towards mosquitoes. Beautiful. Your photographic eye amazes us.

  2. Shelly M Benoit June 19, 2020 at 4:26 pm #

    Trent! I have absolutely run out of words to applaud your photography. “Well done” is so lame! I never would have thought a fly could be so interesting when Nola and I swept them off the windowsills in the porch or the attic as kids so we could play without being harrassed by these “ordinary” barnyard insects that you have so magnificently portrayed as so NOT ordinary!
    Keep ’em coming!!! Feast for the eyes!

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