Electoral reform

What an evening that was.  Cathy and I just returned from an unconventional holiday happening.  We learned that Elizabeth May was holding a town hall meeting right here on Saturna Island tonight.  There was to be a pot luck supper prior to the ‘town hall’ with the additional draw of meeting Maryam Monseth (Federal Minister of Democratic Institutions). We hustled off to the local pub and purchased take out orders of roasted brussel spouts and yam fries for a contribution to the pot luck. It seemed there were low expectations for turn out as 14 chairs had been placed around some tables.  Soon the crowd started to grow and more tables and chairs were assembled. The meeting began with Elizabeth May introducing Minister Monseth and outlining the evening proceedings.  There was truly a feeling of democracy in action as Elizabeth presented her work in Parliament over the last few months and introduced the process the government was undertaking for electoral reform.  She is one impressive MP and holds very seriously her role as a servant of her constituents.

After a talk by Minister Monseth on the importance of understanding what is involved in undertaking electoral reform I was convinced that this is really an important event for Canadians to embrace. No matter what your political stripes are this is something that is really important to all of us.
Cathy and I felt very lucky to be part of this ‘town hall’ event and had some pictures taken to remind us of the night.


Cathy with Mayam Monseth

Cathy with Maryam Monseth


Cathy and I with Elizabeth May.

Cathy and I with Elizabeth May.

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