Early spring.

A glorious day presented a warm sunny afternoon for me to wander the Meewasin looking for scenic inspiration and opportunities of complete soul restoration.

Two Merlins are sweeping the spruce trees, presumably looking for a nesting spot. They have frequented the same tree where a pair nested last spring.  Will watch over the next while and see what happens.

It seemed early for the Richardson ground squirrels to be out looking for green grass, but then again what do I know.

This female House Finch was having a great time poking around in the crab-apple trees laden with uneaten shriveled up fruit.

The river presents a never ending source of icy delights as the water ebs and flows up and down at temperatures around freezing.  I am fascinated by the presentation of endless sculptures of ice at or near the interface of water and air.  Surrounding shrubs, grasses and sticks present an array of surfaces for the water to dance and swing as the river sculpts seriously beautiful ice formations.



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  1. Jan February 23, 2017 at 11:50 pm #

    Trent thank you for this beautiful set of images! I am amazed that the ground squirrels are out. I sometimes wonder if the birds and animals know something that we don’t know about the changing seasons. And the beautiful, delicate sculptures created by water crystals. I love your blog, thank you.

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