Citizenship Ceremony

When an opportunity to attend a Citizenship ceremony presents, please do yourself a favour and GO. Our friend Miranda Jones became a Canadian citizen yesterday along with 87 other individuals representing 26 nationalities. The event had a powerful impact on my emotions. As I viewed the participants citing the ‘Oath of Allegiance’ to Canada and coming forward as individuals and families to collect their certificates of Canadian Citizenship I was viewing the room through misty eyes. The experience helped me to focus on how lucky we are to live in this amazing country. Many of the people in that room may have never had the chance to vote or may have spent much of their lives living in war zones. We are indeed a lucky people and would do well to focus on our blessings and come together rather than feed on our differences.

What could make more sense than to celebrate this event with a party. Cathy and I opened our home to Miranda, Jim and many friends and neighbours for a celebration of this momentous event. The highlight of the evening centered around a swearing in ceremony conducted by Yvonne Musey Johnson which invoked repeating a number of outrageous statements to the hilarity of the assembled party goers.

A sample of the questions:

I do solemnly swear to smoke cannabis in designated areas.
I will share this homeland with the Metis and the First Nations People.
I do solemnly swear to follow the shenanigans and gossip of the Royal Family.
I will forthwith identify the beaver as an animal.
I will no longer use the phrase ‘Fair Dinkum’ unless it is to bring myself and others in my company shame.
I will be able to identify all forms of Canadian animal scat.
I will use ‘eh’ at the end of my sentences.

Yvonne and Miranda embrace in a shared moment of delight.

For those wanting to see the 3+ minute video click HERE.

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  1. Jan November 27, 2019 at 6:36 pm #

    Excellent Trent! So glad you captured this momentous swearing in ceremony w M & Y

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