Canada Day Peregrines

While heading down to volunteer at the Bike Valet for the Jazz Festival I stopped to check on the Peregrine Falcons nesting on top of the Ramada Hotel.  It is so awe inspiring to be in the presence of these amazing birds.  They are capable of incredible speeds as they dive from high up in the sky to incapacitate prey as they strike with legs and feet, then wrap their talons around the victim and head back to the nest. I could see that there are two offspring that appear to be close to flying away.  They spend some time exercising their wings as they flap away while sitting on the ledge of their home. All of my pictures are quite grainy as I am shooting from the ground and they are at the top of the hotel.


Both adults were busy flying around and one brought in a meal.  I think it is a young gosling or duck as it looks to have webbed feet. 

I wanted to identify one of the adults by enlarging the photo of the leg tags. However all you can really see is the presence of a tag on each leg.  Too bad!!

Seeing these amazing birds flourishing in the middle of an urban environment was a great part of my Canada Day celebrations.

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