New Little Free Library

French speaking families dot the west end of 9th. Street here in Saskatoon. My friend Shan wanted to share books with her neighbours and chose a french theme for a Little Free Library. I agreed […]

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Covid-19 Quarantine Kit

Hub City Turners is the name for a group of wood turners that gather to share ideas and friendships. From time to time the president issues a ‘President’s Challenge’. In the most recent challenge members […]

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Musings on Covid19

As a solitary artisan and card-carrying introvert, submitting to the journey into self-isolation for Covid19 has been bearable. Communing with sawdust, listening for a subtle shift in the harmonics of a spinning bearing or stroking […]

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Peregrine Falcon

My abiding interest in Peregrine Falcons paid off today. I have a fascination with the pair that is nesting on the Renaissance Tower in Saskatoon. With my tripod and camera in hand I set out […]

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A Saskatchewan Artist

Much of my time in the last month has been spent trying to learn more about video editing. We are in a time of new learning about many things so I chose this as one […]

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Constellations and Doilies.

River ice reaches out, takes over the shutter on my camera and moves me, independent of wilful thought, from abstract impressionism and outer galaxies to mundane ideas gathered from daily living . A constellation from […]

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A fantastic photo day.

President Murray Park in Saskatoon really put out yesterday. Crossbills and Kinglets are usually way up in the top of the spruce trees and I might get a picture of their underbelly from a long […]

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Some New Work.

Most of January was spent in my shop creating a piece for the Saskatchewan Wooworkers Guild. Some younger members are breathing new life into the annual ‘Wood Show’ and want to have a Mini Golf […]

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Water has been dancing in and out of my thoughts lately. Recent walks along the South Saskatchewan River here in Saskatoon and walks along the shore of Lake Superior while in Thunder Bay revealed some […]

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Boxing day Bird Count

Citizen science was definitely in action on December 26 as volunteers spread out over the entire city (and much of the Province) recording bird sightings and adding the results to world wide databases. This Boxing […]

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