Trust your weather app?

Strong winds, constant cloud and rain mixed with thundershowers were unwelcome icons on the weather app predicting our happiness today. I did manage to find a different app that gave a better prediction so we […]

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Rolling Along.

Here are a few remnants from yesterday where we spent four hours walking around this beautiful city. Canals winding through the city provide a spectacular habitat for bird life. The Swans are such graceful birds […]

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A Castle in the Mist.

With jet lag on its knees and pummelled to the canvas we begin our next adventure. Superb breakfast dining selections here at the Ibis Hotel are a lovely surprise. Therin has used some of her […]

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Here we are in Strasbourg.

Our cycling adventure with Sarah and Therin starts with the annoying necessity of sitting sardined among 400+ strangers, breathing stale, recycled air, eating plastic dipped ‘food’ and managing the head-bobbing, mouth drooling event that suffices […]

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A Shoulder Season.

Nature finally woke up and started sprinkling spring tidbits around Saskatoon. Early morning walks, soft light and limp, lifeless flags made for a visual feast along River Landing. A few spring migrant birds are arriving […]

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More Saskatoon Art.

What a great day yesterday. I had the privilege of seeing some more work from Saskatoon artists. Here is a selection of the work. Gary Von Kuster makes intricate feathers, carved from wood, textured and […]

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West Coast Wonders

Lotus Land beckoned and we responded. Staying at the Sylvia Hotel on English Bay never gets stale. Cathy and I arrived in Vancouver with our ultimate goal to board VIA rail and head back to […]

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Spring Clean Up

Images have a habit of hiding until a scouring of my hard drive releases them from a covering of errant electrons. Kind of like spring cleaning I suppose. This mix of ice formations, berries and […]

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New work

My friends have been hard at work making tables, bowls and instruments. I am so lucky to be one of the first to see new work when they bring it for photos. Feast your eyes […]

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Project Completed

The last couple of months have resulted in the birth of a new website for the Saskatoon Nature Society. It has been a real joy to work with people from the SNS to help them […]

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