Springtime Iridescence.

Wandering along the South Saskatchewan river in downtown Saskatoon today revealed a wealth of springtime joys. Although the birds are preparing for another season of fertilizing, laying, hatching and fledging another generation they are well […]

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Art work on the move.

My friend John Bertolini is a talented Timber Framer and finishing carpenter. In 2014 he enthusiastically responded to my request for a unique garden shed. John sourced local Saskatchewan Spruce and had it milled into […]

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An Ode to River Ice

Lapping, splashing, freezing, thawingRiver water flows on a quest to become magnificent.Let me be your Monk’s hat oh River RockLet me adorn your feet with spicules to shatter under the clumsy sole of your winter […]

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A few birds.

Capturing images of interesting birds doing interesting things helps defeat the Covid blues. Here are a few shots from the last few weeks. My neighbour Miranda called me the other day quite excited by the […]

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The young cyclist.

Phew.. Sifting through a life of clippings, pictures and notes is not an easy task but I have found some fun facts to share. Throughout her life Cathy was a consummate cyclist. She would recall […]

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A Tamdem Ride

Ten…Fifteen…Twenty.. It is unclear how many times I have started this first post since my dear friend, wife and partner for over 50 years rode off this earth on her last ride. Cathy had a […]

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Garden Gifts.

My ongoing attempt to find beauty in all living things was sorely challenged while poking around in my garden. You will recognize this character and its many billion cousins. Holding my camera in one hand […]

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Perspective is everything when attributing labels designating a level of beauty. Wandering in my community garden recently I had occasion to photograph some interesting insects. Most people would agree that while they may not enjoy […]

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Backyard wanderings.

Many shrubs and flowers are doing their part in the great cycle of life. Imagine you are a Bumble bee and looking for a grocery store. (Yeah, yeah I know.. it is bad enough to […]

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Colour Theory Class

Having recently signed up for a class in ‘Colour Theory and Painting Techniques’ given by Mother Nature it was time for our first field trip. While wandering the Meewasin Trail we kept tripping over opportunities […]

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