A trip to Slocan

Slocan B.C. is a truly lovely spot. A recent drive to visit my daughter and her wife was full of memorable moments. The family time was full of conversation, memory building and remembering, gourmet meals, […]

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Celestial Masks

Interpret the word ‘Mask’. What does it mean to you? Those were the instructions for an upcoming art show in Regina. Step, trip, stop, repeat. Those actions slogged away as I ran around inside my […]

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Magnificent Magpies

An offhand comment by my friend Ernie about the source of Tuxedos prompted me to do some investigation. A walk down Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon revealed a flourishing new business set up in a former […]

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Little, Bitty Pretty one.

Are you of an age where you can hear one of the 50’s, 60’s singing sensations grooving to the words of Little, Bitty, Pretty One? Keep that sound in your head, to distract you, as […]

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Fritillary Fever

I like to think this butterfly is an Aphrodite Fritillary. It looks similar in pictures and certainly the goddess of love, pleasure and beauty fits my story to a T. Personal encounters with butterflies loom […]

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No joke.

A Stink bug, a Soldier fly and a Silvery blue, walk into a bar. Oh dear, he has lost it and is using a really bad joke format to introduce some new findings. Fortunately, I […]

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What’s in a Haskap.

Ok, maybe not in the Haskap, but maybe in the bucket. Being a non-selective berry picker, I end up with lots of prairie flotsam and jetsam in my bucket as I scoop berries from their […]

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Creepy, crawly redefined.

Under a leaf, in a Dandelion, the lid of the compost bin. Be patient, observe, wait, focus, shoot. Hours of fun are filled each spring as the underworld of ‘creepy, crawlies’ comes to life. How […]

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‘Life is for the birds.’

Yesterday completely reversed the common interpretation of this idiom. A walk through local parks revealed some wonderful birds of colour. Even the black Ravens seemed resplendent after 24 hours of drizzling rain. The Canada Warbler […]

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Bedraggled yet beautiful

Life-giving rain broke open the sky in the early morning causing a steady drizzle of searching water droplets. Some droplets joined with others deciding to make a puddle, others attracted to the abundant blossoms joined […]

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