Rime, Hoar, Snow, Ice??

Ok folks. Here is a new one for me. Maybe you know this but it was all new to me. Seventy plus years of living in a winter environment left me scratching my head when […]

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Bird walk in President Murray Park

The Saskatoon Nature Society organizes an annual walk in President Murray Park on Grey Cup Sunday. Stan and Jan Shadick were the leaders and did a fabulous job of finding birds for everyone to view. […]

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Winter will win…

However, for now autumn has a firm grip on the ‘nice-o-meter’. A recent trip to Winnipeg revealed one of nature’s truly amazing spectacles. Thousands of Snow Geese lifting off a stubble field with a thunderous […]

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Fun with Photoshop

Even astute readers of the local paper and dedicated Twitter(ites?) may have missed the headline. I was particularly surprised that Twitter, with its propensity to accentuate accurate tweets, seems to have squandered this opportunity for […]

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A Hindu Wedding

What a privilege it was to attend my nephew Leigh and his bride Meera’s Hindu wedding. The Saskatoon portion of my family and I drove from Saskatoon to Winnipeg for this wonderful event.  We could […]

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Compost is beautiful.

So how is that going for you Trent? Well, somehow I thought it would be easier. You mean, just putting a picture of a rotting tomato, covered with mould and flies surrounded by a slimy, […]

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The Birds and Bugs of Ruthilda

Yes, I know, Ruthilda??? My friend Deb McLeod and her husband Ian live on a farm near this once thriving prairie town (near Biggar, Sask.) which is now down to a few inhabitants. However you […]

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A legacy project

My friend Dianne Phillips asked if I would do the finishing touches on an heirloom chest that her uncle made for her and Rob when they were married in 1988. The chest was designed and […]

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Haskap happiness.

A recipe for happiness: Ingredients: 1 heart full of delight2 patient eyes (albeit somewhat timeworn)A few whispers of good luckMany intervals of still air to calm the rustle5 or 6 portrait prone pollinatorsBillions of pollen […]

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Melting into spring.

Or maybe slipping into spring. March has proven more than once in my life to live up to the ‘Bone Breaking Month’ moniker. Its freeze, thaw cycles dress up in their lululemon spandex and dance […]

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