A closer look at a fertile pond.

solid cold granite hard ice dances with the sun tiny pools of water melt, coalesce and burn with grand ideas we could form a pond a lake a river rotting leaves float in rising water […]

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Spring migration underway.

With camera in hand (well actually on the car seat) I headed out past Biggar, Sask. to attend a wood turning weekend at Deb and Ian McLeod’s farm.  This is an annual event in which […]

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It will end soon.

Yeah.. I know… It’s getting a bit much but I’m convinced that spring will end my fascination with these illustrious diamond images in short order once the warm weather blasts in. I think if I […]

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Rotten Snow

Melting snow banks along icy pathways present with deep slashes of rotting snow, crusted with dirty grasses, gravel and other debris. Radio announcers constantly complain about the ongoing cold weather, and late spring. A small […]

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Nature’s April fools Joke.

Nature appears unready to relinquish it’s toe hold on winter.  It’s easy to defy the idea that spring will never come by immersing my soul in the beauty of this first day of April. Hoar […]

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Fascination with River Ice.

River ice continues to fascinate me. Fluctuations in flow rates, wind conditions, water levels, river debris and air temperatures all contribute to an endless variety of ice formations. Wood sticking out from a beaver dam […]

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Ceramics from Sandra Ledingham.

Now that we are back home from our wonderful trip I had the opportunity to photograph some of Sandra Ledingham’s wonderful works. Sandra is capable of huge range of work in the ceramic world and […]

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End of a Great Trip

I can begin to feel that inherent dichotomy of “sad to be finished” and “happy to be heading home” creeping into my bones. On our last day in Amsterdam we incorporated some bike riding, some […]

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Durgerdam, Holysloot and Back

Shining sun, mild wind, well above zero, rented bikes beneath us and off we go for a day of exploration.  Bike locking in Amsterdam is more casual than Saskatoon.  Your bike is considered quite safe […]

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Attempts by Aeroflot employees to sabotage our departure from Moscow were thwarted after we exhausted the efforts of the first three agents. They insisted that our flight was booked for Feb. 18 and not the […]

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