Pastel City

It is uncanny how you were just thinking “What is a Pastel anyway?”. That though had occurred to me as well, so I HEY GOOGLE, HEY SIRI, and Wikipediaed my way to a definitive answer. […]

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Migration Wonders.

Saskatchewan is part of a major migration flyway for many birds, including Snow Geese and Whooping Cranes. Thanks to Sarah Wagner and her friend John, four of us headed out to an area north of […]

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A small slice of Slocan

Ahhh..Slocan B.C. This little treasure is embraced by the mouth of the Slocan River, Springer Creek and tree covered mountains that dress in sunshine, cloud, mist and rainbows depending on their mood. The view from […]

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An early fall update

Three things happened this week that really moved my needle to a new level on the gratitude scale.Firstly, Saskatoon has one of the most accessible river access plans of any city on the prairies. Most […]

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A Fall Feast (for the eyes)

Freeloading Aphids, Bumblebee tongues, fleshy little plant suckers, blushing red peppers, crinkled Zucchini flowers, bedraggled tomatoes, and a few flower portraits await your attention. While processing some images of a beautiful red-striped Bumblebee that was […]

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Peregrines rule the skies

Another successful hatch for the Peregrines on the top of the Renaissance Tower in Saskatoon. The trek to the top of this tower never gets stale. My friend Paddy Thompson is a falconer who has […]

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Mining nature

While wandering among the Community Garden plots, my back yard and the Meewasin trail it seemed that I was prospecting for small pieces of nature that might elicit huge dividends in emotion. Kind of like […]

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Art tour day

A warm sunny day broke loose this morning encouraging an exploration of the flora and fauna in the yard of our VRBO. Insects were much more active with the increased temperature. As part of my […]

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Raasay Island

Granola, Orange juice, milk and a spoon makes a good start to the day. Oh yes and some coffee to crank us up. Off we drive for about 30 min. to a ferry that will […]

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A knee saver day

At least two of the six knees in our group have been requesting a slightly easier walk with no rock ledges to scramble over. My wishes were sustained and off we went to Glenhinnisdal for […]

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