Graffiti time.

Waking up to the cooing of this Wood Pigeon just outside our window began another perfect day in Berlin. Made to measure weather, two great museums, one mega tourist stop, great food, lots of walking…you […]

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Explore Berlin.

Costly Mistake!! Book train tickets early!!Too bad we had not seen that headline before we wandered into the Mainz station for our train ticket to Berlin. Buying tickets a few days earlier would have been […]

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End of the Ride.

Dr. Google tells me I should attribute this to Geoffrey Chaucer–“All good things must come to an end”. So goes it with our ride from Strasbourg to Mainz. We have turned in our bikes to […]

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Great Restaurant.

WARNING: Pictures of food follow. Leave now if you hate looking at what other people eat.I have had that sentiment when looking at Instagram so perfectly understand if you leave now 🙂Therin did the research […]

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A day of Asparagus

Spargelzeit….the asparagus season. Discovering White Asparagus was on our menu for today. Our meal last night featured this German delicacy and our trip today was filled with visual tidbits. Germans love this spring dish and […]

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On to Heidleburg.

Germersheim is the small German town where we laid our heads last night. Our first stop was an old part of the fortified city across the street from our hotel. We have honed our ‘wayfinding’ […]

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Trust your weather app?

Strong winds, constant cloud and rain mixed with thundershowers were unwelcome icons on the weather app predicting our happiness today. I did manage to find a different app that gave a better prediction so we […]

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Rolling Along.

Here are a few remnants from yesterday where we spent four hours walking around this beautiful city. Canals winding through the city provide a spectacular habitat for bird life. The Swans are such graceful birds […]

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A Castle in the Mist.

With jet lag on its knees and pummelled to the canvas we begin our next adventure. Superb breakfast dining selections here at the Ibis Hotel are a lovely surprise. Therin has used some of her […]

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Here we are in Strasbourg.

Our cycling adventure with Sarah and Therin starts with the annoying necessity of sitting sardined among 400+ strangers, breathing stale, recycled air, eating plastic dipped ‘food’ and managing the head-bobbing, mouth drooling event that suffices […]

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