Some New Work.

Some friends came by today for a photo shoot so I want to share their work and a piece that I have finished as well. Paul Schroeder made three matched candle sticks out of Bird’s […]

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A Winter City

The soft light of early morning wanderings, 5 days of moist cold air creating a constellation of hoar frost and a trip through River Landing netted some new images from our winter city.

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Re-purposing a Sea Urchin.

My friend Mel is a Newfoundlander at heart even though he has lived in Saskatoon most of his life. On a recent trip home he went fishing with relatives and came back with  numerous Sea […]

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A Box and a Gavel.

Recently my son Brad asked if I could make a gavel for a model parliament his students would be holding in November. Hmmm…. goes the brain….This would be a good project to use up some […]

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Wide-angle anyone?

One morning I heard a little voice saying “Ok Trent…Take a wide-angle lens and forget the birds for once.” Seemed like sound advice so I headed out at sunrise and booted it out to the […]

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The Work of Friends.

Inspiration comes in many packages, is difficult to summon at will, often elusive, but extremely powerful when the “Inspiration sweet spot” comes into focus. This was evident at a recent photo shoot when some of […]

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Northern Ontario Calling.

OK…..Close your eyes, blink and pinch yourself. How did we get to the “Quebec Lodge” in North Western Ontario? Quebec Lodge near Nipigon, Ontario. Quebec Lodge. Quebec Lodge. Quebec Lodge. Cathy and I had planned […]

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Backyard Migration.

Thousands of kilometers under your wings and thousands more to go.  These six species of migratory birds hopped in and out of my raspberry bushes gleaning seeds, spiders, insects and other delicious tidbits. As you […]

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Fall is coming.

Mother nature hired a pretty cool decorator for this fall’s color palette. Splashes of red strategically sprinkled among the vibrant yellows, oranges and remaining greens seem deliberately placed to enhance their impact. Birds are preparing […]

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The Enchanted Harp.

Fairies, Unicorns, mischievous boys, a harp and a mystery.  My friend Weldon Gray contacted me to take pictures of a harp that he found in his shop. I was so lucky to be part of […]

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