Spring in full swing.

What is the thing that makes you swing into spring.Flowers and shootsBirds and rootsNew born foxes testing their legsBaby gophers emerging from holesDrizzles of rain in the crease of your faceLobbing a stone into a […]

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A fling with spring.

Connie Kaldor says it best in her song “Spring on the Prairies”. Spring on the Prairies comes like a surpriseOne minute there’s snow on the groundThe next there’s sun in your eyes….. You can get […]

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Wrapping up.

Five thousand kilometers, 66 hours behind a steering wheel, missing a big snowfall, exploring verdant rain forests, wonderful times with family, waterfalls, flowers, birds, moss and moisture….Yes I would say that is not a bad […]

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A slice of Tofino

Surfable waves, trees turned into Bonsai like sculptures, moss covered everything, raindrop infested forests, sun dappled undergrowth, bird song and bogs. Pinch me…I might be in paradise. Oh yes and the famous ‘Fish Tacos’ from […]

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A trip to Vancouver

Prairie springs tend to linger over a couple of months. For the last few weeks the sidewalk snow, treacherous trails, abusive wind and persistent ice, begged me to head to B.C. for relief as they […]

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Victoria via VIA.

Back in July my sister Nola and husband Doug invited me to spend some time with them at the Surf Motel in Victoria. An immediate affirmative from me, led to exploring transportation options. VIA rail […]

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Pastel City

It is uncanny how you were just thinking “What is a Pastel anyway?”. That though had occurred to me as well, so I HEY GOOGLE, HEY SIRI, and Wikipediaed my way to a definitive answer. […]

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Migration Wonders.

Saskatchewan is part of a major migration flyway for many birds, including Snow Geese and Whooping Cranes. Thanks to Sarah Wagner and her friend John, four of us headed out to an area north of […]

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A small slice of Slocan

Ahhh..Slocan B.C. This little treasure is embraced by the mouth of the Slocan River, Springer Creek and tree covered mountains that dress in sunshine, cloud, mist and rainbows depending on their mood. The view from […]

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An early fall update

Three things happened this week that really moved my needle to a new level on the gratitude scale.Firstly, Saskatoon has one of the most accessible river access plans of any city on the prairies. Most […]

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