Art work on the move.

My friend John Bertolini is a talented Timber Framer and finishing carpenter. In 2014 he enthusiastically responded to my request for a unique garden shed. John sourced local Saskatchewan Spruce and had it milled into suitable timbers at a saw mill near Rosthern, Saskatchewan. Over a few weeks John constructed the building in his back yard using Block Bau construction. John used his artistic influences to jazz up the front of the building and add detail to each log. He marked each corner and then deconstructed the building so he could move it to my yard and rebuild it.

Here is John building the shed in my yard.

Fast forward to the notorious 2020, and I find myself moving from this home of nearly 30 years. Once the reality of moving established its presence in my life it soon became obvious that I wanted John’s garden shed to come with me. Back in October before the snow fell a group of friends gathered, wearing their damdemic masks and proceeded to move the shed to my back yard in preparation for a final move to my new yard. Once I engaged Duane from D&M Pickers, a plan was hatched and a moving day established.

The kid in me was enthralled with the massive truck and crane that showed up to lift the shed up over my fence and plunk it down on a trailer for a quick 4 block move to my new house. After much manoeuvring to avoid breaking any tree branches the shed was lowered into a temporary position. Once spring thaw arrives and my garage is completed the shed can be moved to its final resting place on a cement pad.

I am really grateful to all the people in my life who so willingly give up time and expertise to help me move into my new life.

Here is a short video of the shed’s journey.

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  1. Kaeli February 4, 2021 at 5:00 pm #

    Your constant creativity and capacity for solving problems is inspiring! Can’t believe you thought ahead to winter and shed moving this fall!

  2. Ray Romanski January 31, 2021 at 7:13 pm #

    I love to see what a little hydraulic fluid and a pump can do.

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