Typical of many prairie boys in the ’60s, I grew up on a farm and was greatly influenced by my natural surroundings. Walking along cow trails edged with prairie grasses, picking rocks and Saskatoon berries, watching migrating birds move with the changing seasons, riding horses and fixing fences, all had a profound effect on my early development. Those early years, my life’s work as a veterinarian, and my passions for photography and woodworking have greatly influenced how I spend my time.

This website is an ongoing project to create a venue for sharing some of my favorite photographs, both old and new, and will include blog entries when the spirit moves me.  Images are categorized by subject into galleries. When you click on a gallery a slideshow will pop up. You can use the arrow keys or click the ‘on screen arrows’ to navigate. Pressing the ‘esc’ key (upper left corner of keyboard) or clicking the small ‘x’ on the screen will get you back to the menu

Thanks for taking the time to look around.

Birds are among my favorite subjects to photograph.  I will include some bird images here, but you can also view a comprehensive list of birds at my other website: http://www.pbase.com/trent/