A wee sip

Yes indeed. It is time for a tour of a Scotch distillery. Glen Moray was our choice due to proximity and other activities for the day. Ten pounds per person garnered a group tour and a tasting of two drinks. Fortunately for me they had a plan for drivers and would put your drinks in a little bottle for later consumption. It seemed odd to watch a large tanker truck pull out of the yard, presumably filled with scotch. They produce 6 million litres a year and plan on going to 8 next year.

Therin assures me that it would be wise to add some water to this one to be able to taste it at such a high alcohol content.

A few pictures of the inner workings of a whisky factory.

After that tour we carried on to have lunch and wander around the town of Elgin. Another Scottish cathedral with burnt and destroyed infrastructure gave a serious nod to a former grandeur.

Then it was back home to our VRBO near Inverness for our last night before moving to the Isle of Skye. The grounds of our cottage were ablaze with blossoms and quite surprisingly very few pollinators. I expected bushes to be buzzing with activity and only managed to find a few insects going about their business. It is unclear if this is part of the decline in pollinators generally or the effects of cold weather locally.

While photographing the flowers and insect a Red Kite flew over the house and took a couple of passes so I could get a shot.

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  1. Leona May 22, 2023 at 2:49 pm #

    Fun! That driver plan is brilliant. I wonder if any of these terrific new Sask distilleries do the same? If I ever ger round to visiting one, I’ll ask.

  2. Kelly Koski May 21, 2023 at 11:09 am #

    A weevil ( I think above the Red Kite photo) is perfect to include in your ,A Wee Sip, Trent! Truly enjoyed this,especially the architecture photographs!

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