A knee saver day

At least two of the six knees in our group have been requesting a slightly easier walk with no rock ledges to scramble over. My wishes were sustained and off we went to Glenhinnisdal for a forest walk in a community owned property with forestry and crofting sections. A solid surface road rolls through the property for 4.4 km. and provides the surface for our trip out and back.

Some old stone walled paddocks are still in use.

Across the valley we had lovely views of the local sheep farms occupying the land as it rises up to a high ridge.

Some of the local spruce trees had set up a perfect viewing gallery to show off their newly minted growth of pure innocent green spikes.

Di found a lovely soft hummock for a sit down rest.

Piles of logs were present in a few places along the trail. So many unfinished bowls waiting to be turned.

Many signs warned users to be sure to close gates after use to prevent livestock from escaping. The engineers among you will see the cleaver solution built into this design for a self-closing gate. Perhaps not obvious on first view you will notice a chain at the top of the gate that prevents over arching of the gate and assures self-closure happens.

Finally I did spot an eagle.

Three happy hikers with six happy knees.

On our way to find a coffee shop we stopped for a brief look at Fairy Glen a unique collection of grass covered hills and valleys known to be home to many fairies. It is unclear if leprechauns and gnomes have moved into the area as well but certainly the ubiquitous sheep have managed to live among the fairies and seem to enjoy walking along the terraced hills.

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  1. Leona May 24, 2023 at 3:24 pm #

    Those spruce look like floppy puppets.

  2. Earl May 24, 2023 at 11:58 am #

    That sounded like a good day. Certainly drier than filling your boot with marsh water which wasn’t fun for you, but was for us. 🙂

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