A Gate and a Desk.

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph some beautiful creations made by two of my friends. Craig Campbell is a local blacksmith with a keen eye for design and a great depth of knowledge and skill when it comes to pounding and joining hot metal. This security gate is on my neighbors garage and sports a wonderful collection of bicycle motifs wistfully rolling along powered by pure joy. The center section opens for access to the garage interior. A creative masterpiece Craig. 

You can see more of Craig’s work on his website HERE.



Arthur Perlett is a local craftsman with a keen eye for designing one of a kind furniture.  This desk was inspired by the curvaceous wooden boats popular in Ontario in the 50’s. A high level of technical mastery is needed to create the curves and joinery evident in this desk. Copper accents are incorporated as design elements and reflect the abundant copper used in the construction of the home where the desk lives.

You can see more of Arthur’s work on his website HERE.

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  1. Mark Orr June 20, 2017 at 12:26 pm #

    Nice job Trent. Beautiful photos of some fine artwork.

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